Correspondant's Corner 






 I hope everyone has or will arrive home safely, especially if you are from the areas in the wake of the storm. I know it can be devastating to you and your loved ones.

The Convention Corporation in Louisville deserves much credit for their handling of the 99th Promenade Nationale. Everything went well from my perspective, the Southern hospitality was at its finest and the food was fantastic.

We had discussions on the Promenade floor and that is where they should be held. They were diplomatic and conducted properly. If we don’t bring matters of interest to the floor that are of interest, we would not get anything accomplished in this organization, but always remember the trait of a 40/8er when they are over- “An outstretched hand with a smile on your face”.

We wish Chef de Chemin de Fer Rick Williams and his National Officers a very prosperous, successful and safe year.

We also wish LaPresidente National Cheryl Jamnick and her Dames a very successful and safe year.

Terry Sims- Correspondant National